The Johnston Group is the Right Partner for
Northwest Clients

  • The Johnston Group knows the federal funding process and has a strong track record of success. We understand the process, the timelines and the critical decisions that have to be made by congressional offices to prioritize financial support. More, we know how to provide the information and messages about projects in ways that elected officials and their staff can – and do – use. This proven approach has resulted in tens of millions of federal funds being secured for Washington State clients over the past nine years.
  • We operate where the decisions are made. Clients will need to travel to Washington, D.C. to meet with members of Congress and their staff to discuss their priorities. However, decisions about which projects deserve support are increasingly being made in Washington State and not in Washington, D.C.  The Johnston Group knows the district staff as well as we know the D.C. staff – and both are critical to a successful strategy. Further, we work with leaders within the regional agencies and can help our clients work in the halls of Congress in D.C. to the local agencies like Sound Transit and the Puget Sound Regional Council where policy and funding decisions are made.
  • The Johnston Group combines the benefits of a small firm with the resources of a large agency. Jake Johnston and Scott MacColl will provide experienced and seasoned counsel to clients. Work will not be given to less experienced staff to complete. From developing strategy and examining capital project infrastructure plans to communicating complex policy and lobbying Congress, clients will have the complete benefit of Jake Johnston’s experience and counsel as their day-to-day strategist. If clients require additional support and counsel, the Johnston Group maintains a relationship with APCO Worldwide and can draw on APCO’s resources in Washington State, in Washington, D.C. or around the globe.
  • We have experience with public clients. The Johnston Group has represented public entities in Washington state cities before the federal government to achieve funding and policy goals for over a decade. This experience gives us a deep appreciation for the role of locally elected officials in the development and execution of the community’s vision. We also understand the range of potential partnership opportunities available to local governments – from building emergency services capabilities to investing in community health access to completing transit infrastructure to constructing new water systems to facilitating economic growth. We know how public entities can utilize their strengths to compete for federal funds and leverage state and regional funds through a successful federal strategy.
  • We take on a limited number of clients and are accessible and accountable. Unlike large lobbying firms that may represent dozens of clients before Congress, the Johnston Group serves a limited number of clients each year. This approach allows us to invest more time and emphasis to enhance our client’s opportunities for success. Since we’re based in Seattle, the Johnston Group is available to clients during meetings and work sessions. The Johnston Group can participate in district-based meetings with the congressional offices and work face-to-face with clients on strategic planning and direction. This allows the best collaboration between clients and their professional government relations staff.
  • We have the right relationships but, more importantly, we help our clients build their own. The Johnston Group has working relationships throughout the Northwest Congressional Delegation and within the region. However, we believe that our clients are the best spokespeople for their interests and that successful long-term funding and policy partnerships work best when the client is actively involved. This means that our clients do not “trade” on our relationships, but instead utilize them to guide and facilitate the development of their own.