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city of shoreline

Our work with the City of Shoreline has focused on developing funding and policy partners for the City to achieve its ambitious infrastructure agenda.

The Johnston Group has been a key strategic partner to the City to complete its $130+ million redevelopment of SR-99. This project has increased safety along a key congested corridor, created new bus rapid transit lanes, built state of art stormwater management systems and led to nearly $1 billion in economic redevelopment activities along the three-mile route. Thousands of new affordable housing units have connected the Shoreline community to the corridor. More, we helped the city obtain funding to reconstruct the Interurban Trail along the corridor, including two pedestrian overpasses spanning SR-99 (like the one pictured above).

The city developed funding partnerships with 23 different agencies to complete this work. From obtaining the seed earmark to start the project to being present for the ribbon cutting at end, the Johnston Group has been the city's partner to get the job done.

As the city prepares for the opening of two light rail stations in 2024, our work continues to maximize the transportation improvements and the economic and housing benefits from regional infrastructure investments.


city of Mountlake terrace

Our work with the City of Mountlake Terrace has been broad in scope resulting in generating critical funding for the city's planned redevelopment of its Town Center and constructing new connections to the regional transit center - also the site for the first light rail station in Snohomish County scheduled to open in 2024.

We have helped the city bring in needed funding to construct new stormwater retention systems and water main infrastructure necessary for higher building heights in the city's town center. We have helped to fund a new non-motorized trail and expanded eligibility for the city to compete within existing federal grant programs. We routinely work with the city to identify sources of public funding and advise the city about how its leaders can participate regionally to achieve the municipal goals.


skagit regional health

The Johnston Group worked with Skagit Regional Health from its inception through 2016. Over this time, we helped the hospital secure funding to support the construction of a new hospital following a successful public bond vote. We also helped secure funding for the acquisition of stereotactic radio surgical equipment to allow patients in Skagit County to get state of the art cancer treatment close to home. We also successfully worked to help fund an inpatient mental health center at Skagit Regional Health in Mount Vernon.

We also took a strong policy role with Skagit Regional Health and led efforts to help the hospital understand how it fit into federal reimbursement programs through Medicare and Medicaid. We worked to preserve the hospital's participation in the 340(B) program, helped to qualify the hospital as it started a medical training program and built partnerships with the Veterans' Administration, the City of Mount Vernon, Skagit County and other regional hospitals on a shared agenda.