The Johnston Group provides a variety of services to its clients, including:

"The Johnston Group delivers a hands on approach to strategizing with the City to develop our federal agenda. Their strength is their ability to work with the City both locally and in Washington DC to building strong relationships with our federal partners."

– Mayor Keith McGlashan, City of Shoreline

  • Federal lobbying, policy analysis and funding
  • Regional intergovernmental relations services
  • Public affairs consulting
  • Review of local government capital budgets and developing funding partners
  • Nonprofit development and growth
  • Grant and federal agency funding
  • Strategic communications
  • Community outreach
  • Policy communications

The results of these services for clients include:

  • Tens of millions of dollars in direct federal support for transportation, community healthcare and economic development
  • Legislation introduced in Congress to achieve specific policy goals
  • New tools for cities and hospitals that align local missions with federal funding opportunities
  • Supportive federal legislation for local cities, hospitals and other public entities
  • Strong partnerships established between the federal government and local government in support of common goals

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